Requirements: Must be completed from a display telephone. All programming is performed with the phone in the idle mode. DO NOT lift the handset, DO NOT press the SPEAKER button.

Part 1 – Enable customer programming mode.

  1. Press TRSF button.
  2. Dial 2 0 0.
  3. Enter the customer programming password (default is 1234).
  4. Press the volume up button (t) to change the programming mode from DISABLE to ENABLE.
  5. Press TRSF button. Customer programming mode is now enabled.

Part 2 – Set date and time.

  1. Press TRSF button again.
  2. Dial 5 0 5.
  3. Enter the current date and time in the following format: WMMDDYY:HHMM
  4. W=the current day of week (1=mon, 2=tue, etc)
  5. MM=the current month
  6. DD=the current day of the month
  7. YY=the current year
  8. HH=the current hour in military format (1pm=13, 2pm=14, 3pm=15, etc)
  9. MM=the current minute.
    Example: for Monday January 8, 2007 at 09:45AM: 10108070945
    Example for Friday January 12, 2007 at 3:15PM: 50112071515
  10. Press TRSF button. Programming is complete. You do not need to worry about disabling the customer programming mode, it will automatically disable itself in a matter of a few minutes.