How Do I Change the System Speed Dial (aka NameDial or PhoneBook) Entries on My Phone?

To program the system speed dial entries on your Samsung OfficeServ, iDCS, or DCS system, you must have the customer programming or technician programming password.

Remember that the Telephone Warehouse Service Department will program your speed dial entries for you remotely, and it’s much quicker for us to do this since we can simply cut and paste numbers, but if you wish to edit the entries manually from a telephone, follow these instructions:

  1. Press TRANSFER 200 followed by the customer administration password – OR- Press TRANSFER 800 followed by the technician programming password.
  2. Press 1 to enable.
  3. Press TRANSFER. Now, customer or technician level programming level is active at your phone.
  4. Press TRANSFER 705.
  5. Enter the System Speed Dial Bin Number you wish to program (500 through 999). Or, if you wish, you may press volume up and down to scroll through the entries. If you are scrolling, when you reach the entry you want, press your right softkey (rightmost rectangular button beneath your display) to move your cursor from the BIN number field to the actual telephone number field. The RIGHT and LEFT SOFTKEYS are similar to TAB and SHIFT-TAB on a computer keyboard and will move you to the right and left between programming fields on your display.
  6. If you want, you may press HOLD to erase the current number.
  7. Enter the number as you would dial it from your telephone, including the necessary access code, i.e., 9.
  8. To enter the name, press SPEAKER, and then dial 706, and enter the same BIN number you were programming above.
  9. Press HOLD if you want to erase the current name.
  10. Enter the new name using the letters on your keypad. You may also press VOLUME UP and DOWN to move your cursor, and you may toggle your shiftlock. To toggle your shiftlock, please refer to the FAQ item explaining how to change the name on your phone, as this shows the location of the SHIFT key on various Samsung phone models.
  11. After the name is entered, press TRANSFER and you are finished.
  12. To program another speed dial entry, return to step 4 above. If you’re finished, you don’t need to worry about closing the CUSTOMER or TECHNICIAN PROGRAMMING mode, as this will “time-out” after a minute of no programming activity.

If you have any questions, please contact the Telephone Warehouse Service Department at 602-254-5515 ext 1 or via email to