How Do I Register My Samsung SMT-i52XX Telephone?

To register a Samsung SMT-i series telephone, you must have the following information:

  1. Desired extension number (this is programmed in the Samsung PBX as the USER ID)
  2. Phone registration password.
  3. IP address of system (this will be a private IP address for on-site IP phones, or a public IP address for off-site IP phones)

Once you have this information, you may proceed with the following:

  1. Disconnect the phone from power (if you’re using Power-over-Ethernet, just disconnect the LAN cable)
  2. Press and hold the * key on the phone keypad while restoring power (or restoring the LAN connection if using PoE). Continue to hold the * key while the phone boots up.  The Samsung logo should come up as the phone boots, and then you should see a menu to select your language. 
  3. Make sure ENGLISH is selected and press the menu button beneath the word NEXT on the screen. 
  4. Select option 1 Easy Install. 
  5. Select your IP type. Typically this is Dynamic (DHCP). If you select Static, you will need to specify the IP address, subnet, and gateway.
  6. Select system type OSPP (KP). To select, press the circular button in the middle of your navigation dial in the center of the phone.
  7. For VLAN-PHONE setting, you would typically select NOT USE.
  8. For VLAN-PC setting, you would typically select NOT USE.
  9. For 802.1x setting, you would typically select NOT USE.
  10. Enter system IP. This is the IP address of the telephone system server. The dots are entered using the * key.
  11. Enter system ID. This is the USER ID and it TYPICALLY matches phone extension number, but it is assigned in MMC840 / Install Tool 2.7.1 (for system administrators)
  12. Enter the password. This is typically 1234. This is not the voicemail password, or the phone lock password, but is the IP phone registration password which is set in MMC840 / IT 2.7.1, but is also controlled by MMC 841 / IT 5.2.10 where the system IP phone default registration password is set. (for system administrators)

The phone will then restart and it should come up and register itself to the phone system as the proper extension number via the user ID.

There are also options to create multiple system servers for login, and this is used when a phone is sometimes plugged in AT the office, where it uses the private IP address of the PBX, and at other times plugged in AWAY from the office, where it uses the public IP address of the office internet and then routes to the phone system via port forwarding settings in your office firewall / router.

If you have any questions, please contact the Telephone Warehouse Service Department at 602-254-5515 ext 1 or via email to